Reissuverkko (= travel net) is about our motorbike journeys, not about fishing equipment suitable for travelling purposes. In addition to the many routes that we have found excellent and to some others that we think should be avoided because of dullness or bad condition, and to decent accommodation, great views and places worth a visit, we have documented on these pages our thoughts about the intellectual, spiritual and gastronomic culture in the countries and areas we have visited, and put some photos on display.

Click on the year links at the home page to read stories (in Finnish) and see photos and maps. The flags indicate the countries visited each year. After opening the first page of each trip you will usually see a list of links (their number depending on the length of the journey), a general map of the journey, and a photo. Clicking the links will show more text (in Finnish), detailed route maps, and more photos.

The text pages of the years 1996, 2000, 2002 and from 2008 onwards include small photos; clicking them will open a photo gallery. The rest of the stories have smaller photos that open as bigger ones when you click them. Each photo has a caption, saying at least where it was taken and when, and is thus usually at least partly understandable also in English.

Each page has a link to the previous and the next page, and to the home page of Reissuverkko. All links out of Reissuverkko always open in a new window or tab, depending on your browser settings.

Small glossary to understand the links:
Pääsivulle = To the home page
Seuraava sivu = Next page
Edellinen sivu = Previous page
Kartta = Map
Reittikartta = Route map
Kuvagalleria = Photo gallery
Päivän kuvat = Photos of the day

If you try to use Google or Bing to translate the texts, please, note that Finnish is not easy to translate automatically due to the grammar and structure of the language that is Fenno-Ugric and not related to English, German, Swedish, French etc. Even if the words are understandable the sentences might not be. Sometimes the translator robots do not translate even short sentences correctly but easily omit quite common words (and we often use the less common ones). Here is an example:
Finnish: Meitä nukutti mainiosti viileässä ja hämärässä huoneessa, johon ei meteliä kantautunut.
Google translator: We nukutti perfect for a cool, dark room with no noise kantautunut.
English: We slept well in the cool, dusky room where no noise emanated.

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